Halloween Retro Costume Ideas & events

Halloween is this weekend. Do you have your costume and parties lined up?

I personally have been inspired by her:

Yes, it’s Jem! Grew up watching Jem and the Holograms and love the punk rock look with the 80s fashion of spandex pants, tight skirt, big bold coloured hair, and the makeup. Making a trip to Value Village I picked out a silver glitter microphone, a shocking purple rock girl wig, the most bold 80’s style Gold and Silver top, and leather skirt. The coolest part of the outfit, I really think the shirt is from the 80s because it has big shoulder pads!

For those still needing ideas, perhaps look back on when you were young: “What did you want to dress up as?” Some cool costumes I would like to see this Halloween include Transformers, Rainbow Brite, He-Man, She-Ra,  and Smurf/Smurfette.

As for events to check out this Halloween, Vancity Buzz has a huge list of suggested things to do: Vancity Buzz Halloween Events Guide Check his recommendations.

Weather dependent, I will be out at the Parade of Lost Souls Secret Souls Walk on Saturday in my Jem-inspired 80’s rocker outfit. See you there!


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