A Social Night at the Forum

Friday night before Halloween, I went out for our 604Dodgeball league social night. Heading down to the Granville strip, The Forum Sports Bar & Grill is located at 1163 Granville Street before Davie Street. The social started at 7pm and it was not busy. The large screens had football on, with the servers and door people in costumes for the Halloween festivities.

We anticipated free appies from our dodgeball league, yet was hungry enough to order a burger. On the menu, their signature Forum Burger attracted my attention. Although a bit costly for a burger at $14.50, I was still eager to try the Forum Burger, consisting of a 6 oz prime rib beef patty, melted swiss cheese, bacon, crispy onion ring, sauteed mushroom, leaf lettuce and tomato, with a side of fries. The first bite was heavenly, with the crispiness of the bacon, stringy melted cheese, and the sauteed mushrooms’ juiciness complimenting it nicely. The free appies from the social night came out with salt & pepper wings, dried ribs, spring rolls, yam fries, and veggies & dips, all surprising us in its quality taste and presentation. Come for the food if you are looking for good pub food!

As it was a Friday night, there was a live rock band featured. This night featured A Grey Medium, with guest performer Sammi Morelli opening. Sammi Morelli took to the stage first and delivered an excellent opening performance to a finally jam-packed room of people dressed in costume. A Grey Medium next took to stage. Its lead singer, Kelli Stewart, reminds me of a cross between Shirley Manson of the band Garbage and Amy Lee from Evanescence. My bf mentioned that the band sounds like Portishead.

Sammi Morelli
A Grey Medium’s Kelli Stewart

The Forum is an excellent venue for live rock bands, yet on a sports night it is also an excellent venue with multiple bars and large screen tvs to fulfill customer demand. I will definitely be looking at more group events here in the future.


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