Hidden Gem: Takano Noodle Cafe

This afternoon I was in Port Coquitlam and was introduced to a hidden gem! My friend suggested we go to a ramen restaurant that he frequented. Although not a foodie, he could not tell me if this ramen was of a certain quality or comparable to other ramen places famous in town for its ramen (i.e. Kintaro, Benkei, Santouka Hokkaido).

We entered a small office plaza with the ramen restaurant, Takano Noodle Cafe. A small hidden location, Takano Noodle Cafe is situated at #100-3242 Westwood Street.
On the menu there was a good selection of ramen noodles with different soup bases. The regular ramen selection included the Miso Ramen, Shio Ramen, etc and other ramen offerings such as Charsiu Ramen, Vegetarian Ramen, etc. I went ahead and ordered the miso ramen, a staple for ramen goers. At Takano, the Miso Ramen at $7.95 offered a preference of richness in soup broth (from light to rich). I went with the default rich broth. Toppings included bean sprouts, onions, green onions, carrots, corn, bamboo shoots and a slice of charsiu. For $2.50 more you could add 4 gyozas as a combo meal.

The noodles compared to Benkei Noodle House, but is no Kintaro or Santouku. The broth was a bit more orange in colour than I had expected. It appeared to look like there was spice (but there wasn’t) due to the colour. The charsiu was lacking, as it was a bit dry and tough to eat. However, for the price, it was nice that they included corn in the miso ramen. At other ramen places, corn is usually an extra topping which cost more to add. However, it would have been nice to include a few pieces of seaweed in with the topping or half an egg. The gyozas were simply gyozas. There was nothing too special about them. For myself, the noodle was enough, although next time I will probably try something new at this place. The service is also very friendly and authentic Japanese – operated by a husband and wife team.  Although no Kintaro, this is a nice noodle place in PoCo that people craving ramen in the burbs can go visit. I will again!

Takano Japanese Noodle Café on Urbanspoon


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