Halloween 2010 on Commercial Drive – Secret Souls Walk

Halloween is a once a year tradition in which not just children, but adults as well, dress up and become whoever they want to be for one evening. This year’s Halloween was on a Sunday, so most parties and festivities were organized for Friday and Saturday, making it a multiple day celebration.

I had the pleasure of donning my costume, as per my previous posting mention, and with my bf and a couple of friends went down to Commercial Drive for the annual Parade of Lost Souls, hosted by the Public Dreams Society. Although I have never been to the Parade of Lost Souls, this event in the past has been a parade down Commercial Drive, with children activities, costume entertainers, decorations, and fireworks. Due to budget cutbacks, this year’s Parade of Lost Souls was known as the Secret Souls Walk.
We started out at Britannia Community Centre, where we were informed that the Secret Souls Walk tour started at Victoria Drive and 3rd Avenue. At Britannia, there was a childrens’ play area inside the gymnasium. Face painting by donation, puppet shows, hula hoop demos, and people selling Public Dreams items such as pins, posters, post cards, masks, etc. Entertainers dressed in different types of ghostly costumes in white were stationed around the community centre, as well as along various routes towards Victoria & 3rd, assisting lost participants who wanted to find the start of the tour route.
When we arrived at Victoria Drive and 3rd at McSpadden Park, in the school yard, there was music, costumed entertainers, and a hot chocolate stand. Lineups were long – people waiting for volunteers to usher along participants down alley ways and small streets. Neighbours had been called upon prior to this event to join in the festivities by decorating their houses with tombstones, carved pumpkins, ghostly decorations, and more. This made up the Secret Walk route, which took us down streets and alley ways between East 3rd and East 5th, and between Victoria Drive and Templeton Drive. Down alley ways, some wonderful Vancouverites opened up their garages to offer various entertainment to the public including projections of movies such as Nosferatu, displays of dead bodies, and even live bands.
Half way through the walk, we encountered a Thriller performance in the middle of an intersection. That was probably the biggest attraction of the evening. In total the route was approximately 8 – 10 blocks long.
Although funding was short this year, I’m hoping the many volunteers that helped with watching and collecting donations at Britannia Community Centre, McSpadden Park, and along the route, was able to fundraise enough money for next year. I will definitely be coming out again to enjoy the Secret Souls Walk put on by the Public Dreams Society. This was by far more interesting than just a parade and fireworks as it involved the community in a much larger capacity.




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