A Disco Tiger at The Railway Club

Last night I headed down to The Railway Club for the monthly Puddlecity Arts collective music gig. Please see my last review for more details on the overall event that happens each month at The Railway Club. This month’s performers played on the main sound stage, which I must say made the talent and the songs sound extra powerful and more professional. As I ran late, I only was able to catch the last three performances. Hosts Nathan Blackburn and Marc Taillefer repeated their songs for new listeners from the previous month.

Next up was Chi Sun – The Asian Persuasion, who’s my Puddlecity favourite. Maybe it’s because he’s my “more musically creative” bf! A bit biased, however I still think he’s musically talented, being multi-instrumentalist and does not read actual sheet music, but bases his music using his hearing for the right tones and sounds. Personally, I think that’s genius as I only know how to play music following sheet music.

Last night his session comprised of 4 songs, 3 of which I have heard him create and rehearse on numerous times and asked for opinions on his songs. He started off his set with Capri Pants, singing of not liking capri pants and how people who wear them have commitment issues. They should choose pants or shorts, but not in between.

Chi Sun – The Asian Persuasion

He then followed it up with his personal favourite, and from the sounds of the audience, a guy’s favourite song of the night – Disco Tiger. Disco Tiger was inspired by a t-shirt Chi Sun had bought at Urban Behaviour store – a tiger with laser beams shooting out of his eyes projected on a disco dance floor as the image. His song was also a terminology for the male version of a “cougar” – an older guy out on the prowl hunting for his next “baby cub”. High energy music, he followed it up with a song called Sick Day – referring to excuses people can make up for wanting to take a sick day off work. He ended his set with his first performed audience favourite – Sandwiches, referring to his love for sandwiches. The crowd at the Railway got really energized with his set. I would classify his songs as parody or comedic hip hop, as the lyrics of his songs give the audience a feel-good laughing moment and the tunes of high energy hip hop/dance.

To wrap things up for the night at the Railway Club was the band, The Broken Boats Band. They are an American/Country/Folk band, and their songs make me want to jump out of my seat and line dance! Now where are those cowboy boots and flannel shirt of mine? Everyone at my table was clapping and arms swaying as if they wanted a hoe-down tonight! Definitely a great way to end the night for Puddlecity Art’s performance of the evening.

Thank you to Puddlecity for providing a monthly entertainment venue for music lovers to gather and listen to a variety of different talented musicians! Keep up the good work everyone.


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