Winners – a Christmas shoppers one stop shop

This Christmas season I’ve already gone to Winners at least 3 times in search of various gift items and personal items. Because the holidays are coming up, Winners has stocked up a lot more inventory. My favourite location is the Byrne Road Winners in Burnaby. It has a huge collection of clothes, shoes, bags, children’s department, and a HomeSense. Winners inspired me to write an article about Christmas shopping suggestions and what you can expect at their location.

Babies & Children:

For the little ones this Christmas I found the following best bang for the bucks at Winners:

Organic Beginnings plush – $7.99
  • Newborns – Organic Beginnings plush toy – seen in Frog, Monkey and Puppy Dog – maybe more selection at other Winners locations – 100% certified organic cotton fabric, stuffing and yarn and packaging is printed with recycled ink on recycled paper. These plush toys go for $7.99 so great deal for the babies. Suitable for all ages.
  • Cir’Kis – photo from Hasbro website

    Elementary school children – Books! There are tons of books at Winners location, especially collections. I saw a Peter Rabbit box set of books, Dr. Seuss books, etc. Great educational gift for elementary school kids to encourage reading during the holidays. Various prices.

  • The older kids – board games – Monopoly (they had various versions of Monopoly including an Elvis version that sold for $34.99), Risk, Taboo (a clearance item at $19 – although sometimes Toys R Us has a sale on some of these games), and one that I’m looking to get for Christmas – Cir’Kis, which sells for $12.99 at Winners.

The Travelling Friend/Family member

  • For the travellers’ gift, Winners has a large selection of suitcases currently available. A friend last week picked up a Samsonite Tuscany line suitcase for $84.99 at the Winners on Lougheed, Burnaby. When I went, there was a large assortment of Samsonite, Delsey, Hey’s, and the occasional Swiss & Atlantic luggage. If you are lucky at the downtown Robson location, they sometimes carry Victorinox suitcases, which is quite the bargain compared to local department stores like Sears and HBC.
  • Winners also carries an assortment of travel pillows, TSA approved travel locks, passport cases, etc. that would be wonderful stocking stuffers for the traveller’s gift.

The Foodie/Chef

  • HomeSense carries quite a large collection of Paderno cookware which includes collection of pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets.
    Garlic Press from OXO website
  • My favourite was the OXO kitchen gadgets. The Byrne Road location had a variety of kitchengadgets, all more affordable than if you shopped at Ming Wo, HBC, etc. I recently bought an OXO Good Grip garlic presser for $14.99 and it was selling for $24.99 at HBC. I also saw an OXO vegetable peeler, which I can say is super sharp and amazing to use, for $2.99 at Winners. Great stocking stuffers for the chef in the house!

The Ladies of the House

  • For the moms, aunts, or even for yourself – Winners has cashmere sweaters in most of their stores’ ladies clothing department. These sweaters start at around $49.99 but is a steal for a nice cashmere sweater. If you are lucky, you can also find cashmere scarf and glove sets in store.
  • For the sister or other ladies, Winners also has very affordable hair straighteners, some made by salon brands or Conair. I had a friend mention she had bought a ceramic hair straightener from her salon at $100+, and she found the same one at Winners for $35!

Gentlemen’s Club

  • We can’t forget the dads, uncles, or brothers when it comes to Christmas shopping! Winners on Byrne Road has a large selection of “Just for Guys” gifts including a mini foosball table (which sits on a coffee table or desk nicely), brand name selection of wallets for average of $20-30, shaving products, and electronic gadgets. One that stood out for me was a wallet & mini swiss army knife from Dockers (sorry, but forgot the price on that one).
  • For the brothers, you can also look for new winter gear for the slopes. I saw the Byrne Road Winners had Bolle ski googles (so does Costco), ski/board jackets from Burton/O’Neill, etc and gloves.

I am not affiliated to anyone that works at Winners, and not an employee of Winners. However, I just like to shop at Winners and share my deals with others! Good luck Christmas shopping!

Note: The Organic Beginnings plush toys, when I went yesterday (December 7) at Byrne Road location, they did not have anymore of them. Not to say any of the other locations won’t have them.


One thought on “Winners – a Christmas shoppers one stop shop

  1. >Hey Alice! Great post! I didn't realize Winners carried such a wide selection of, for the lack of a better word, stuff. I was at their Metropolis branch, and was pleasantly surprised to find small exercise equipment.

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