Sushi in Coquitlam – Sushi California

Cluttered amongst the street corners filled with restaurants in Coquitlam, Sushi California is hidden at the corner of North Road and Austin Avenue. With limited free parking, Sushi California is quite a busy restaurant during the evening hours. I was introduced to this sushi restaurant by my bf, who told me that this place served large portions of decent sushi. It may not offer the freshest or most specialized sushi, may not be authentic due to the fact is run by Korean, but in Coquitlam, this place is probably my place to go for sushi.

Sashimi/Sushi Combo

When I went tonight, I wasn’t particularly hungry so I shared the following, which was a considerable amount of food for two: Sashimi/Sushi combo, Sweet Mango Paradise Roll, and a Crunch Cali Roll.

The Sashimi/Sushi combo consisted of 2 pieces each of salmon and tuna sashimi, and individual nigiris which included salmon, tuna, hokkigai, chopped scallop, and ebi. The sashimi pieces were large and thick, comparable to those served at Samurai Sushi or Sushi King in Vancouver. My favourite of the nigiris was the chopped scallop, with the right amount of mayo and fresh seaweed (when biting into is crunchy and not chewy). This combo is a great deal at $8.95.

Sweet Mango Paradise Roll

Next was the Sweet Mango Paradise Roll. The photo only shows 4 pieces, but actually they come with 8 pieces so it’s quite a big roll. It’s one of the special rolls at Sushi California at $6.95. The ingredients in the foll include avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, red pepper, with a slice of mango and ebi on top of the roll, glazed with a mango reduction. Although I ate some pieces with soy sauce, it’s best to eat it with the special mango reduction instead for its fullest flavour.

Crunch Cali Roll

Finally we have the Crunch Cali Roll, which is essentially a California Roll deep fried in a tempura batter. It wasn’t my favourite of the night, but worth it to try it if you are curious at $3.95 for the roll, again 8 pieces. There wasn’t anything too spectacular about the roll, except that it’s deep fried in tempura batter. My bf and I both thought it would be best to stick to the regular Cali Roll next time, which is a $1 less at $2.95.

For cheap affordable, yet still decent sushi, Sushi California is the place to go if you are around the Lougheed Mall area. Free limited parking available, gets busy on week nights, but if you want, they also do take-out orders. If you phone at least 2 hours prior to pick-up you even receive 5% off. For the people who enjoy Samurai Sushi or Sushi King in Vancouver, then Sushi California is the place for you in Coquitlam.

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