CantoPop Concert – Eason Chan 陳奕迅 Concert Review

Last night I went to the Eason Chan 陳奕迅 concert at Rogers Arena. He hadn’t been back to Vancouver for 10 years, so it was quite the treat to see him live in a full concert (his first ever full concert in Vancouver). His stage setup was nothing like what I saw on YouTube for his Asian concerts. Must be the restrictions of Rogers Arena or the enormous costs of shipping his sets overseas. It’s too bad, as I was looking forward to seeing his clockwork-moving stage sets. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the YouTube videos out there “Eason Chan Duo“.

Eason started his Duo concert with 今天等我來 and was welcomed to Vancouver by large amounts of screaming fans. One girl behind us screamed so high/loud that our ear drums were ringing. Yes, at CantoPop concerts, no matter where you sit, there will be shrieking screams. If you’ve never been to a CantoPop concert, another thing to note, even the male singers will put on a fashion show. Eason had the oddest outfits and dancers of the night. See photos below to see what I’m talking about.

Even though I was sitting up in the plaza seats, row 20, I was able to get some videos of his singing, some of which he sounded really good last night. I heard from a friend in HK that he did not do a good job at his Duo concert because he was sick. Another friend said on his concert DVD that he sounded off too. I chalked it up to old age and not being able to hit the high notes. However, the songs he did sing in the right pitch were stellar. However, he should try not to hit the high notes which he can’t do anymore. At times his effort made me cringe.

He sang an excellent rendition of 浮誇, and he did a Mandarin/Cantonese 50/50 rendition of one of his all time greatest hits – 明年今日. To show off his fluent English skills, he even pulled off a British accent when giving acknowledgement to the concert sponsors, as well as singing a song for the Vancouver crowd in English – titled My Private Christmas Song – acapella! To wrap up the concert, he sang another major hit 單車.

What I really liked about his concert was that he highlighted the artistic skills of his multicultural and highly talented band members. His drummer Jun Gong – 恭碩良, was given a guitar to highlight his singing abilities with his song 月球人. In exchange, Eason played backup on drums to showoff his drumming skills. Eason also sang a duet with his backup singer, YoYo Shum. Between costume changes, his band played intermission music and sang songs as well.

The only gripe I had about the concert aside from the lack of the actual stage and sets, was the ending, where he announced to everyone that the songs he’s singing was already part of the encore. We were expecting an encore at the end, where we would all cheer and he would come back out to sing one or two more of his best songs. However, he didn’t do that. It was disappointing that he didn’t follow a Western format on this. Perhaps fans wouldn’t feel as ripped off if he had ended his set 2 songs short, allowed fans to scream and shout encore, and come back out for his last 2 songs. I think I would’ve been satisfied with that. Plus all the talking in the middle of the song changes made it feel like I didn’t get my full 2 hours worth of Eason songs.

For all my YouTube videos from the concert, please take a look at my YouTube page:


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