Happy 2011!

As I’m preparing for my New Year’s on my Mexican adventure to Cancun for a week, I want to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Happy New Year’s Eve! Time flew by quickly in 2010, and now as we are entering 2011, my one resolution is to blog more!

Here’s my list of 10 mentions I’d like to wrap up for 2010:

  1. Thanks to my friend MaryinVancity for inspiring me to create this blog!
  2. Thanks to other bloggers out there for keeping the trend alive.
  3. Thanks to Twitter…Twitter and blogging go hand in hand.
  4. Urbanspoon – shouts out to the site for providing us a venue to publish our restaurant reviews.
  5. Absolute Spa, Fairmont Empress Willow Stream Spa, and SpaUtopia for my relaxing spa appointments. More to come hopefully in 2010!
  6. Crowne Plaza Seattle for the wonderful customer servicing and response time.
  7. PuddleCity Arts! Can’t wait for 2010 when we can hear some more musicians and new music!
  8. All the restaurants that have been providing wonderful service and food. To those that haven’t and I wrote about you, perhaps you might want to consider improving it?
  9. Vancouver Asian Film Festival & Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre – keep up the Asian arts scene in Vancouver.
  10. Thanks to all my friends, family, bf and followers for reading my articles, helping me edit, critiquing, etc. The support has been an amazing motivator for me to write more!

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