Victoria Lunch Review: Glo Restaurant & Lounge

For lunch the other day, my mom took my sister and I to Glo Restaurant & Lounge, as we use to live in the area and this restaurant has a nice view of the water on the Gorge. We’ve been here a couple of times when it was under different management and company names, so this was my first time eating here as Glo. Upon arrival, the restaurant was not particularly busy on the weekday during the holiday season, as most offices around the area were closed. We asked to be seated next to the window for a nice view of the Gorge.

Our server came with our menus, which was a one-pager. This is a similar menu as the one on their website. We decided to order the Calamari Frito for an appetizer, and each order a dish to share. My sister decided on the Beef Short Rib & Mushroom Pappardelle, which would’ve been my first choice too on the menu. I decided on a healthy Thai Chicken Salad, while my mom chose the Seafood Spontanee (Special), which our server informed us was prosciutto wrapped ling cod on a bed of risotto. We did not order any special beverages, but looking at their beverage list, they have quite a selection of beers bottled and on tap (even Guinness on tap!), as well as a list of cocktails.

Calamari Frito

First up was our Calamari Frito, which consisted of crispy fried squid with two dips: a lemon and artichoke tapenade and a roasted jalapeno ranch dip. To top it off, there was fried artichoke and jalapenos on top. We all loved the crispiness of the calamari and especially the tapenade dip. There was a bit of a kick to the dips and deliciously accented the calamari. For $11, this appetizer was a good deal for its portion size and quality.

Thai Chicken Salad

We waited quite awhile longer, at least 15 minutes or longer after we finished our appetizer before our main courses came. For a restaurant that probably only had about 15 people at the time, it was a bit longer wait than what I was expecting. However, all of our dishes came at once. My Thai Chicken Salad was a bit disappointing. Although the greens were crisp, the noodles were not the crispy type I was expecting. They were regular Farkay noodles. Most Thai salads out at other restaurants use crispy noodles for the texture. Instead they used crispy wonton bits instead. The noodles were too much versus the mixed greens. Also, there was a kick to the noodles not expected, as they had added jalapeno peppers to it. The chicken skewer was a bit dry. I would not order this salad again.

Beef Short Rib & Mushroom Pappardelle

My sister’s Beef Short Rib Papperdelle was our favourite dish. The dish consisted of braised short rib, forest mushrooms, caramelized shallots, green peppercorns, red wine cream, truffle essence and shaved parmesan. The noodles were large and wide, provided the right amount of texture to compliment the red wine cream sauce, and the braised short rib and mushrooms melted in your mouth. The cream sauce was not overly salty. For $13.75 it was a great deal.

My mom’s Seafood Spontanee was disappointing. The ling cod wrapped in the prosciutto was a bit overcooked, making it dry. Either they should’ve used a different type of fish such as sablefish or cooked the fish differently so that it would’ve been more of a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience. The risotto was done nicely with a cream sauce. However the bocconcini slices on top of the risotto, which were a bit vinergary, made it a weird addition. At first we thought they were chicken bits until I realized it was bocconcini. Not worth the $15 at lunch for this dish.

Seafood Spontanee

Overall, service was mediocre as no one came by to refill our water glasses during the meal, however I would still come back just for the beef short rib and mushroom papperdelle.

Glo Euro Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon


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