Omni Cancun Restaurant Review: Da Vinci Italian Restaurant

Staying at the Omni Cancun Hotel & Resort in Cancun, my bf and I purchased an all-inclusive package at the hotel. This included all our meals and drinks during our stay, mostly buffet locations, some snack locations, and 1 a la carte restaurant, Da Vinci Italian Restaurant. We receive 3 evenings where we can dine at Da Vinci’s. Tonight was our first night. Unfortunately for adults, we can only book reservations for 7pm, 9pm and 10pm, as 6pm & 8pm time slots are for families with children. Tonight we ate at 10pm as it was the only time slot available when we arrived to book. Not use to eating so late, I tried to order some safe selections as to not feel too full. Our server Isaac was quick to come to our service when we sat down and took down our drink orders and came back fairly quickly with them, as well with a side of bread and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dip.

Beef Carpaccio

For our appetizers, we ordered the Beef Carpaccio and the Calamari. Both orders were served within 5 minutes of when the bread came out. Talk about quick and good quality service! The Beef Carpaccio was nicely cut delicately thin and flavorful. The calamari was standard, however, I liked the crispiness of it. I was also given a small bowl of guzpacho, but it was a bit spicy for my liking.

Caesar Salad

Second order of appetizers, I ordered a Caesar Salad, wanting to compare if it was authentic to what I usually have at Italian restaurants back home; whereas my bf ordered a Mushroom Soup, which used oyster mushrooms in a tomato based soup. The Caesar Salad was not to my liking. The romaine came uncut, so you had to cut it yourself. The dressing did not taste like the regular caesar dressing at home. It was more cheesy, and lacked a garlic flavour to it. In lieu of croutons, they used two round pieces of melba toast. As for the Mushroom Soup, the oyster mushrooms were particularly tasty and complimented the tomato based soup. However, my bf thought the soup was a take of minestrone, just replaced with mushrooms instead.

Shortly after our plates were cleared, our main dishes came. I ordered the Lobster Cannelloni, while my bf ordered the Ossobuco Giocondo (Veal Shank). The veal was particularly tender, not needing any specialty knives but a regular knife to cut into the meat. The sauce that came with the veal was a bit too salty for my taste, however without dipping the sauce, the veal was perfect. It was completed with a bed of risotto. My Lobster Cannelloni was quite rich and cheesy but the lobster was a bit too fishy unfortunately.

Lobster Cannelloni
Ossobuco (Veal Shank)

Dessert at the restaurant was the highlight of my night. I ordered the Tiramisu while my bf ordered the Creme Brulee. The Tiramisu came in a chocolate cup. I was curious why it came in a chocolate cup. It turns out that the bottom is actually a layer of rum. Instead of it being soaked into the tiramisu, when you dip your spoon into the layers of cake, the rum then runs out from the cup. It was a liquid cup of delightful chocolate, coffee and rum taste! The Creme Brulee was standard for what it was, but the size was significantly larger than what I’m use to seeing.

Creme Brulee

Overall, we will be coming back for another 2 dinners. However, I don’t like the 10pm eating times as it is a bit late. Our next two reservations is for 9pm and 7pm. I will be trying a filet mignon next time and perhaps ask the server any other recommendations, while my bf says he would have the ossobuco again.

Stay tuned for more reviews from my Mexican adventures in Cancun!


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