Dining in Victoria #yyj – Pig BBQ Joint & Sura Korean Restaurant

Delicious Victoria! How did I miss out that Victoria is now such a hot spot for dining?

I’ve been over for a few days in Victoria, but finally had the chance to venture out for a couple of meals today. Based on Urbanspoon recommendations, I went to Pig BBQ Joint on the corner of Blanshard and Johnson. As it was a light snack, I ordered a $6 Pulled Pork Sandwich. I shared half of it with a friend, but my half was filling and DELICIOUS! Juicy and tender, the pulled pork with Pig’s special sauce was scrumptious! I ate the half within minutes! My friend compared it to Vancouver’s Re-Up BBQ, and said Pig’s was better. I vow to come back within the next couple of days to try something else from their menu.

For dinner, I went to Sura Korean Restaurant on Douglas and Fisgard. At first skeptical about how authentic or delicious a Korean restaurant in Victoria would be, but Sura surprised me! We arrived at 4:30pm and although they opened at 5pm, they did notice we were a large group of 12 and opened early for us to sit down, order drinks and look through the menu. We ordered two combos supposedly for 9 people, although definitely enough portions of meat, side dishes, appetizers, rice, noodles, etc for 12 people! With taxes and tips we each paid around $25. My group included someone Korean, and he mentioned the food quality was fairly impressive. The price is comparable to Korean restaurants in Vancouver, however, it was the service that was quite a surprise! As most Korean BBQ houses, the servers rarely cooks at the table except the first serving of meat on the BBQ. The rest would be cooked by the patrons. However, at Sura, they ensured that the 4 servers in the restaurant attended to each table, flipping and turning and cutting the meat and ensuring it was cooked enough for serving. Constantly smiling and willing to refill side dishes, they came around to ensure everything was fine. It was no wonder that during dinner time when you pass by the restaurant it’s constantly full and with Asian patrons. Two thumbs up!

Unfortunately I was too hungry both times for pictures. Feel free to look both of these eateries on Urbanspoon for photos and more detailed blogs. I just wanted to offer my two cents!

Pig BBQ Joint on Urbanspoon

Sura Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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