Dining in Victoria #yyj part 2: AyoEat Indonesian Take-Out

Another delicious day out for me as I tried the sumptuous AyoEat Indonesian Take-Out inside Market Square in downtown Victoria. A small hole-in-the-wall, operated by a single chef named Bana, this take-out spot hits the spot when it comes to a fast, to-go rice box. On a wet cold night in Victoria, my friends and I came to find Bana at AyoEat. My friends from Vancouver previously found this place and said it served really tasty Indonesian satay skewers and curry dishes. They wanted to go back to take some to-go for the road on their way to the ferry ride. As for myself, I wanted to just try to see how good this was. On the window of his store, he posts his background as a chef with experience cooking in Europe.

We put in our order, and it was great to see that we can pay by debit and credit as well! The menu is small and simple. On their website it lists what they have available, however quantity is limited, so you need to go early in the day. When I ordered, I was only allowed 1 skewer of satay chicken as they had run out after my order.

I ordered a green curry chicken, which came with coconut rice and vegetables laid out in a take-out container on a banana leaf; along with an extra skewer of chicken satay for $1 more. In total $9.99.

Nasi Goreng Ayam w/side chicken satay skewer

Some of my friends ordered the Nasi Goreng Ayam, which came with a heaping mound of chicken fried rice, served with a fried egg, fried prawn chips and pickled veggies, while others ordered the Beef Rendang, which was mixed rice with coconut-stewed beef, spicy potato chips and pickles. As someone pointed out, the Beef Rendang didn’t look as good as it tastes. But hey, you’d rather have something that does not look good but tastes delicious, than have something look good and taste horrible right?

As it’s a one person operation, Bana kept himself busy with our six orders, but it was fairly quick and we got to watch him in action cooking up our food. He’s super friendly and made jokes with us. I requested a photo for this blog article, and in return, he wanted a photo so long as it was with our wonderful friend J (who told me about this place)!

Green curry w/chicken & side chicken satay skewer

I took my take-out home to enjoy, and it was quite a treat! The green curry had the right amount of kick to it, and the chicken breast meat used was quite tender. You can taste the coconut milk on the rice and in the curry. Ample amount of vegetables was mixed into the curry. The chicken satay, I would’ve preferred more peanut sauce, but it was nice and tender. Overall another good eating experience for me in Victoria! For those wanting to try it out, don’t feel like a stranger. Feel free to chat with Bana as well!

Bana (owner of AyoEat) with my friend J

Ayo Eat on Urbanspoon


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