Showcasing Local Business Success – Principessa Beauty

Bianco Breeze
Trish Lucarino

I’ve been a huge fan of Principessa Beauty‘s beauty products since 2004 when I helped with a school marketing plan for Trish Lucarino, owner of the company. Principessa Beauty is a Vancouver-based company, starting from a local Vancouver company to an internationally-distributed beauty products producer. The company’s goal is to create “high end, unashamedly feminine” beauty products. All of its beauty products use natural and beneficial ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, vitamins, minerals, etc. and are paraben free, petroleum free, cruelty free, phtalate free, and are pH balanced. Principessa Beauty also has a commitment to sustainbility, where all products are 100% biodegradable. Its products include names such as Cattiva DivaBacio MeBagno BlissBianco BreezeFresh Fiore, and Pretty Piede. My favourite of the Principessa Beauty products is the Bianco Breeze, a dry shampoo that can be used to absorb excess oils, creates body and volume to hair, and smells amazing!

Inside Principessa’s headquarters

I met up with Trish this time around to catch up on how her business has expanded and grown. When I first met her in 2004, she had around 5-6 products developed and being sold and was operating out of her house with the help of her husband. More than 6 years now, her company’s beauty line has grown to more than 20+ products and special sets with a warehouse in Vancouver along with a team of staff and contractors!

Asking her what she felt as her more recent accomplishment, Trish felt that survival was the main accomplishment these past 2 years, especially considering the North American economy has caused some of her competitors and her customers to close down. Luckily for Trish, Principessa Beauty has expanded internationally, most recently to the Asian market through distributors. This market has kept her company afloat when her North American profits have dipped. She hopes that there will be more expansion into the Asian market and continue to add more new products to her current product line. Her successful lipglosses perfectly pafutto, has been a popular buy for her customers, so Trish hopes to continue to add more shades in the future.
Aspiring words in Principessa Beauty office
I asked Trish where her motivation came from. “I don’t want to be a quitter. Plus my customers and staff, I have a responsibility towards them.” Trish explains that during the rough times there’s always the question of quitting; however, she stays positive and loves receiving the emails from customers praising her products or an occasional article featuring Principessa in a magazine. By looking at the positives, Trish is motivated to continue to bring local beauty lovers with the latest Principessa products.
When asked if there’s any key advice for Vancouver entrepreneurs, Trish’s key tips are:
  • Be really tenacious. For every problem, there is always an answer. Look for the answer even if you may not like it.
  • Don’t take no for an answer.
  • You have to really love what you do. That way, it will feel like less work and more fun. Believe in what you do and always stay positive.
Every company has another company in mind as their target to strive to be like. Trish hopes to one day have the same success as AG Hair Cosmetics, another local company, who’s owner actually was a mentor for Trish when she started Principessa.
Final tidbit regarding Principessa Beauty – new fresh branding! To continue its momentum into another year of business, Trish had Principessa Beauty’s logo rebranded to a more sophisticated and mature look, removing the curvy font with a more text block font. Keep an eye out for the new look to Principessa Beauty products on the shelves when shopping next time!
belloccia gift set – Enter to win!
Thanks to Trish, I am running my first blog contest giveaway! I am allowing one lucky follower to sample some of Principessa Beauty’s signature products. I’m giving away a belloccia gift set, comprised of a full-sized belloccia piccola perfumemini cattiva diva hand creammini pretty piede foot balm, and a mini dolce dreams whipped body lotion in a signature Principessa Beauty gift box and environmentally friendly borsetta tote bag. This package is valued at over $70 retail if purchased individually!
You have 3 chances to enter to win!
  • This Blog:
    Answer the following question with a comment in this post: Where have you seen Principessa Beauty’s products aside from its website and what product was it for? (Make sure not to put Anonymous for your ID, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you if you win!)
  • Twitter:
    Follow @principessa_bty and @alicejhwong and RT the following
    I want to win a Principessa Beauty gift set from @alicejhwong and @principessa_bty –
A random winner will be drawn on February 25th at 8pm. Winner will be announced on this blog article!Edited February 25: Contest winner: Congrats to kathygko for winning the Principessa Beauty prize package. You will be contacted shortly to arrange for pick up of your gift. 


8 thoughts on “Showcasing Local Business Success – Principessa Beauty

  1. >I love love love Principessa Beauty products!! I usually go to BeautyMark in Yaletown to stock up on my favorites – I'm addicted to Bacio Me lip balm! I also really love Cattiva Diva hand lotion, smells so good!

  2. >I love Principessa and the pretty packaging! I noticed the gift sets at Beauty Mark. I hit up Beauty Bar on W.4th wherre they stock my favorite luxury beauty products. I think I remember seeing the Casa Collection there.

    • Hi Laleh they are no longer in business but I used to love their darker hair dry shampoo. Try Cake as they have one too.

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