Discovering of new local music: Lakefield

Lakefield at the Deusches Haus

Last weekend I was invited out by friends to go to the Vancouver Alpen Club’s Deusches Haus to listen to some free live music. Vogville Recording Studio was hosting a Day & Night Festival for indie bands upstairs in the Alpen Club. During dinner time 6pm – 8pm, live music was being played within the restaurant. One of the two bands we heard from was Lakefield. My friends knew the singer, Kate Rossiter, from their Edmonton days together. Kate also plays the keyboard for the group. Lakefield is a 5 person band, consisting of Kate (keys, vocals), Steven Luscher (guitar, vocals), Bryan Chiu (guitar, vocals), Kyle Sulyma (bass), and Paul Teehan (drums).

Taken from

Running late, I only had the chance to catch the last 3 songs from Lakefield’s performance at the Deusches Haus; however, my bf bought their CD ($10), and we listened to it the whole weekend. I personally liked listening to them live versus their recording. Even though you may think that it’s always better to hear live music versus recordings, this isn’t the case with current pop music (i.e. Black Eyed Peas at the Super Bowl – need I say more). But with indie bands, listening to them live brings out more life to their music. I can only describe their music as mellow alternative/indie. No complaints though, as I find their music and lyrics enjoyable. My bf noted Kate sounds a bit like the lead singer from Metric, Emily Haines. On their website the band refers to their love of Death Cab for Cutie`s songwriting, which reflects in their lyrics. A few songs I found I liked from their CD included Old Hearts, Republic of Sunshine, and Girl By My Side.

Lakefield`s album: Sounds From a Treeline

Lakefield is a Vancouver-based indie pop group which started recording and performing since 2008. You can access their music and download it from their website: I`m looking forward to seeing them again live at a future performance.


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