Legendary Rock Concert: Bon Jovi (review)

“I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd, you’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud”

And did the fans hear his voice when he sang to them! Bon Jovi rocked it this past Saturday night, his 2nd evening at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC. Performing for a full house, the arena was cheering whenever the lights were tested, hoping that Bon Jovi was going to come out any moment. With no opening band to start, Bon Jovi took to the stage at 8:15pm and didn’t stop for the 2+ hours of their concert.

Playing their classic hits You Give Love a Bad Name, Born to Be My Baby, It’s My Life, Bad Medicine and Lost Highway, Bon Jovi shows the crowd that he can still rock it at 49 to a multi-generational audience (we saw kids 10-12 years old and people that looked like they were in their 60s). Richie Sambora showed us that he can still play a mean guitar riff and sing too, performing a solo to “Lay Your Hands On Me”. 

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Memorable moments at this concert:

  • Bon Jovi opening the concert in the middle of the floor, then high-fiving the audience as he runs towards the main stage
  • Bon Jovi telling everyone to stand up and join him in “You Give Love a Bad Name” – exciting the crowd to stand for most of the concert
  • Seeing tons of women of different age groups singing and dancing to Bon Jovi, even if it was one person alone in the stands
  • While singing Make A Memory, the lights dim on the crowd and you see a sparkle of camera lights glittering while Bon Jovi sings the ballad – beautiful moment
  • Richie Sambora rocking it with a silver glitter guitar
  • The moving platform and screens – this concert was a big setup and the screens allowed the audience at every angle to watch the concert, even the audience sitting behind the stage
  • Bon Jovi donning a Canucks jersey that someone threw on the stage for him (the back said Bon Jovi) and singing a song with the jersey on
  • Encore set list: Something to Believe; Wanted Dead or Alive; These Days; and Living on a Prayer to end it off. The crowd was deafening with its cheers.

If I would see Bon Jovi again, yes, not because, as some say, that he’s gorgeous and a God, but because he’s a rock legend and his energy on stage was astounding. His music lasts longer than pop singers these days, and his concert is worth the value of the tickets as he knows how to play to his audience and engage them.


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