New Vancouver Food Truck: Ursu Korean BBQ Taco

Ursu Korean BBQ Taco menu

Last week I noticed a new food truck had parked across from where I worked, located on the sidewalks at the corner of West Georgia and Richards St downtown. Ursu Korean BBQ Taco opened recently as one of the many new street food vendors that received licenses from the City of Vancouver. Their permanent location was assigned to West Georgia & Richards St.

Owned and operated by a family of Korean food enthusiasts, they bring Vancouver the new concept of Korean BBQ tacos. Their menu items includes soft tortilla or hard shell tacos filled with your choice of 1) bulgogi (beef slices, marinated in a Korean special sweet soy sauce, grilled) 2) spicy chicken or 3) vegetarian (tofu). Each costs $2.99. Other items on their menu include a Bulgogi dog $4.99 (instead of a sausage, they replace the filling with bulgogi; and Quesadilla with the same options of filling as the taco ($6.99).

Soft Bulgogi Taco & Bulgogi Dog

The day I went, I was quite hungry so I tried the bulgogi soft tortilla taco and a Bulgogi dog. For $7.98 this was an excellent deal! The bulgogi for both the taco and the dog were marinated with quite a bit of flavour. My favourite out of the two I bought was the bulgogi soft tortilla taco. It was loaded with bulgogi beef and made it a tad messy to eat; but for $2.99 Ursu surprised me with the amount of beef on the taco. There was also toppings of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and shredded mixed cheese. For the bulgogi dog, it was the same toppings, but with also a slice of pickle and you have the option to top up with mustard and ketchup (although the meat is quite a bit of flavour you don’t need either).

My recommendation is go for the tacos. The next time I go back, I will try the quesadilla as that looked really filling when I saw someone order it. Ursu is a wonderful cheap eats. They do not have a Facebook or Twitter page yet. I spoke to them last Wednesday and they said they were working on that for future promotions. For the time being, visit them Monday – Friday during lunch hour at the corner of West Georgia & Richards St downtown Vancouver.


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