New Week Day Entertainment: Dueling Pianos – Grand Villa Casino

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going with some friends to catch Dueling Pianos at the Scala Lounge, located within the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby. At that time, Grand Villa was only hosting Dueling Pianos twice a month. However, I received word at the show starting in June, Dueling Pianos will run weekly on Thursday evenings.

Before I went, I made table reservations by phone at Scala, which is a great way to have a reserved seat close to the pianos. I would highly recommend doing so if you have a large group. When we arrived, we were hosted by Brenda, who does the Marketing for Grand Villa. I was a bit surprised with the extra hospitality as I wasn’t expecting it and definitely made for an enjoyable evening. Brenda kept checking up on our table and making sure our orders were taken care of.

Mick & Tom of Dueling Pianos

The Dueling Pianos act was quite amusing and fun to watch. The two piano players were Mick & Tom; both of which threw in many jokes and wore many props that reminded me of Elton John. Throughout the evening they played song requests by monetary donations. Most songs they played they knew off the bat such as Candle in the Wind by Elton John, Imagine by John Lennon, Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, etc. However, at one point when someone requested A-Ha’s Take on Me, they got stumped and had to look up the music for it. They still managed to pull off the song and made a few laughs and smiles in the audience.

There was also a guest appearance by Darren Lee, a local world-famous Elvis Impersonator, singing Viva Las Vegas. It turns out Darren will also be performing at Grand Villa Casino in early July.

Overall, Grand Villa’s Dueling Pianos act is a great week day entertainment for those seeking out a casual place to have a drink, some food and live act, no cover charge. Plus, Scala Lounge has an all day Steak and Fries for $8.99 deal. A great night to unwind with friends/family.


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