Steveston Review: Mondo Eatery & Burger Bar

Thanks to a Groupon deal, I ventured out to Steveston to try Mondo Eatery & Burger Bar. What once was a section of Papi’s Restaurant, it has now changed to a more casual burger bar.

As the name of the restaurant states, I had to go and try out its burgers. All burgers on the menu was just for the burger. If you want fries with that, there were three types of fries that you could add on for additional cost: chili cheese fries, yam fries, or home-cut Kennebac fries. If you order the yam fries like we did, the dip will cost you extra too (which I personally felt if you charged $4 a basket, you could at least include one dip). They also serve onion rings, hot dogs, and appies that are non-burgers. For those vegetarians, there are veggie burgers.

Canuck Burger

When it came to ordering, I really wanted to try the Crispy Snapper Burger. Being in Steveston, where you’re surrounded by fish & chips locations and fresh seafood, I was hoping to sink my teeth into a fresh fish burger. However, they were not able to serve this the day I visited as they were out. To be honest, I really hope they reconsider stocking up on this item, as they are located in Steveston and fish is abundance in that community. I finally settled for getting the Canuck Burger which included cheese, bacon and fried onion rings within the burger. My bf ordered a Bison burger (they also had a Kangaroo burger!) with additional sauteed mushrooms on it. We shared a side of 50/50 fries (yam and Kennebac).

Bison Burger

Mondo Fries

When our food arrived, I was disappointed to see that the burger patties were quite burnt. I like toasted buns, but this was charred. I felt that our burger patties were a bit overcooked and dry. The Canuck burger wasn’t too special; however the taste of the Bison burger was quite delicious, especially with the sauteed mushrooms and cheese. The fries were nice and crispy, you can tell they just came out of the fryer.

Overall, I wouldn’t say I loved the food, although if you like burgers, I’d come to try their specialty game burgers, but skip on the regular beef burgers. Also, I’d recommend the fries.
Mondo Burger Bar on Urbanspoon


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