Our Lady Peace – Urban Grind Tour – Concert Review

This past month Canadian band, Our Lady Peace, released a new CD – Curve. With their latest album out, they did a cross country tour, landing in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom April 19.

Personally I love Our Lady Peace, ever since the days of Naveed and Clumsy came out in high school. I first saw them back in 1997 at EdgeFest at UBC Thunderbird Stadium. They were one of my favorite bands back then. Flash forward to 2010 during the Winter Olympics. OLP came out and played a free concert in Richmond. 30 minutes of free OLP live! And now, with their latest album, a tour and the Commodore Ballroom – well I had to go see them again!

The concert started with their opening act, The Pack AD, a local Vancouver female duo punk rock band – sounding quite a bit like White Stripes. A bit hard and punk for me but the crowd seemed to dig them.

Our Lady Peace came on shortly after the changeover and started out with a couple of their latest songs off of CurveAllowance and Fire in the Henhouse. Now, I have listened to quite a bit of their new music, but I still felt that their oldies were the best! Did they read my mind?! Shortly after introducing a few of their new songs, they broke into Innocent and One Man Army. The night continued with mixing the new and the old. Raine Maida’s voice is still as good as ever, and the concert continued the rest of the evening on high energy. Raine did a special acoustic number of Thief in memory of Levon Helm, from The Band, who had just passed away that day. Another OLP hit song sang by the great Raine Maida.

Raine is an amazing front man to the band! His energy and knowing to sing to the crowd was highly entertaining. He would constantly get the crowd to sing the chorus to his older songs – definitely a room full of OLP fans! Visual effects were stunning – with a projection of images constantly complementing the songs.

To wrap things up for the night, OLP ended up coming out for a double encore, saving 4am (my favorite OLP song) til the end! That definitely made my night.

Thank you Our Lady Peace for the nostalgia and for providing us the new and old of your music. Forever going to be one of my favorite Canadian bands. If you ask me, they are definitely worth seeing next time they are in town.

A short clip of  Superman’s Dead from the concert:


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