Day 3: Edmonton #28days

After a long night we deserved to sleep in. For brunch a Calgary friend we stayed with took us to Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus for brunch. This place was super homely and felt like De Dutch but better.

We each ordered a pannenkoek, a Dutch pancake with filings cooked right into it like an omelette. I stuck to a sweet topping with apples and cinnamon. My bf ordered a savory bacon, mushroom and cheese. Our friend ordered a ham, cheese, egg and mushroom one. All of them we the size of an 10″ plate and was crispy on three edges. Very delicious and would make me want to come back next time I’m in Calgary.

The drive from Calgary to Edmonton isn’t as exciting as the drive from BC. Drivers are also more cautious and stick to speed limits within the cities due to photo radar boxes set up to catch speeders.

In Edmonton I was greeted by some friendly mosquitoes who need lived to welcome me with bites. My best friend Benedryl came in handy for some quick relief. Note to self, use bug spray daily.

After some time with my bf’s family, tomorrow is another adventure waiting for us in Edmonton so stayed tune.


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