Day 7: Winnipeg #28days

After a horrendous sleep from trains going by the track at various times of the night/morning near our campsite in Indian Head, we packed up our stuff and started making our way out of the town and towards Manitoba.

We went in search of breakfast only to find out everything closes on Sunday in this town. We did however find an interesting tidbit about Indian Head. It turns out the CBC TV show, Little Mosque on the Prairie, was filmed in Indian Head, SK. We took a sign at the entrance of the town that showcases this achievement!

At the entrance to town next to the Info Centre, , we took a picture of the Indian Head statue. This statue was built in 1985, and the total height is 18 feet. It weighs around 3,500 pounds and is constructed of metal pipe, metal mesh and three coats of cement. The statue was designed by Don Foulds from Saskatoon, SK at a cost of $12,750 and transported to Indian Head. The statue is located in the southwest corner of the town of Indian Head on the north side of Highway #1.

Since we didn’t find food in Indian Head, we kept driving along Highway 1. We eventually stopped in Grenfell, SK, another small town that has everything closed except the gas station/diner on a Sunday. We stopped off at Vicki’s on 1 Family Restaurant, located along Highway 1 adjoined to a gas station. This place was a small coffee shop restaurant, offering all day breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads. The servers were two women who were super nice and friendly, coming by to check up on the food and topping up your coffee quite often. I ordered a Western Omelette, consisting of mushroom, ham and peppers, which also came with a side of toast and a toss salad (which they happily substituted for me instead of the usual pan fried potatoes). My bf got the breakfast special consisting of 2 eggs, bacon, toast and pan fried potatoes. The food was your typical breakfast fare – nothing too special to rave above. However I loved the friendly service, and that’s always something I admire and provides that TV/small-town truck stop service expected of a restaurant like this.

After finishing a hearty brunch, we kept trekking towards our destination of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Along the way I was impressed that wind turbines were used for energy in Saskatchewan.

The landscape slowly changed going through Manitoba towards Winnipeg. It started getting greener again the closer we got to Winnipeg. When we arrived, we went for dinner with my bf’s cousin at a French bistro called Mise. I felt a bit under dressed since it looked like a more fine-dining establishment, however I was told that it was ok to wear jeans or in my case, summer dress and flip flops! Unpretentious, the service was quite good. The food menu had quite a large selection of first and second courses to choose from. They also offer a 3-course meal for $38 plus wine pairing at additional $15 (you can select 3 dishes from the first and second courses menu, but the dishes are not full size).

We ended up ordering the Seared Duck Breast with Hoisin Sauce, Asian Style Coleslaw, Crispy Noodles and Chili Threads ($16.95) and the Quail Stuffed with Ground Bison, Sundried Blueberries and Rosemary, Served with Cumberland Sauce and Popped Wild Rice ($16.95) for starters to share amongst 3 people. Fresh bread also arrived at our table.

For dinner, I ordered a Caesar Salad with Grilled Cortez White Prawns, Parmesan Cheese and Lardon ($16.95), whereas my bf ordered the Lamb Shank with Orecheitte, Roasted Garlic, Olives, Rapini, Demi,Roasted Red Pepper and Parmesan Cheese ($29.95), and his cousin ordered the Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Crispy Sesame Jumbo Prawns, Mushroom Arancini, Demi and Chimichurri Sauce ($32.95).

Overall the first courses were pretty good – especially the quail stuffed with ground bison. I really liked the way it was cooked, with the sundried blueberries and the sauce it came with. The Seared duck breast was done quite tender and was your standard with the hoisin sauce. The Caesar Salad is probably one of the best ones I’ve had in a long time – the fresh parmesan cheese and the grilled white prawns complemented the salad quite well. I also really liked the lamb shank – it was soft and tender, fall off the bone meat. The beef tenderloin was ok, but not as outstanding as the lamb or the salad; however the arancini that came with it was really tasty. We didn’t have room for dessert after this meal, and a bit pricey, but it was great to experience what nice French cuisine there is in Winnipeg, which has quite the French roots in the city.

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