Day 9 and 10: Minneapolis #28days

Leaving Canada, we hit the road for our US part of the roadtrip. Our first city stop would be Minneapolis. It took us less than 2 hours to get to the border crossing which borders Manitoba and North Dakota. We had a quick Subway lunch in Grand Forks, North Dakota before continuing the 7 hour drive to Minneapolis. The scenery is similar to Manitoba, until you get into Minnesota. A state with 10,000 lakes, we kept passing lots of the lakes.

We stopped off at Albertville, MN, to do some outlet shopping. Since we only had an hour before they closed we had to shop fast. Minnesota does not have sales tax on clothing or  shoes, so we stuck to those items. I managed to buy a fall sweater and suit (blazer and pants) for under $100 from Banana Republic . My bf bought a pair of hikers and sandals from Columbia for $44. Not bad for our first day of shopping.

After a tiring drive we got to our hotel near the Mall of America and called it a night as the next day was a full day of exploring.

Day 10 also day 2 in Minneapolis was packed!  After a morning breakfast at our hotel, we took off to check out what the city has to offer for sights. Tripadvisor suggested the Minnehaha Falls, which use to be pumped from Mississippi River. It now flows to Lake Minnetonka.

Next stop was the Stone Arch Bridge,  which is a popular running or biking spot. This connects the Mississippi River with a water dam in the city.

After some sightseeing, we grabbed a quick bite downtown where all the food trucks were parked along Marquette Ave and between 6th and 8th Street. We tried one of the top ranked trucks on Eat Street for the city, Smack Shack, special for their lobster roll. For $13.50 it was a bit steep but very tasty. The chopped up lobster was sandwiched between grilled and buttered Texas toast. It also included chips and pickle.

We then needed to walk the fat off so we spent the afternoon shopping at the Mall of America, the largest mall in the states. It includes an aquarium and Nickelodeon amusement park! I met Spongebob and Kai Lan! This mall has all the shopping you need and more so beware of your wallet.

Instead of eating at the mall for dinner, we made our way to Matt’s Bar, famous for inventing the Jucy Lucy, a burger special to Minneapolis. It has two beef patties with cheese in the middle, than grilled so the cheese is melted and leaks out when you bite into the burger. It was super greasy but delicious! Definitely a must try if busting Minneapolis.

After two long days we called it a night to rest up for our 10 hour drive towards Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.


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