Day 11: Rapid City South Dakota #28days

Heading Midwest, we left Minneapolis in the morning for the plains of South Dakota enroute to Mount Rushmore. The drive is close to 10 hours.

The drive got quite boring, similar landscape to that of our Calgary to Winnipeg drive. But Americans know how to capitalize on tourism dollars! Along the way expect lots of billboards telling people to drop by visitor towns and check out attractions. For example, we stopped  off at 1880 Town, promoting a small western town built from old buildings and used for movie and TV shoots such as Dances with Wolves and American Pickers. It costs $9 to explore the town so we just got a picture outside.

Since I was fighting a cold, I slept through most of the drive, trying to conserve energy for the more exciting adventures ahead.

We arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota around dinner time to setup camp for the night and headed into the city to explore. It turns out Thursday nights in Rapid City was their weekly Summer Nights street party! A local country band was playing on the main stage while people were enjoying a nice cold beer in the beer garden.

We called it an early night to rest up so we could head to Mount Rushmore in the morning, about 30 minutes away from Rapid City.


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