Day 14: Albuquerque #28days

We slept in today as our hotel in Aurora, Colorado was quite comfortable. I’m beginning to really like the Doubletree chain of hotels, and love that our stay in Scottsdale will be at a Doubletree resort too! We then ventured out on our way to New Mexico, which would be halfway between Colorado and Arizona (Phoenix/Scottsdale being our next major stop). For brunch we ended up at a Waffle House. Waffle House is a chain restaurant that offers breakfast food EXCEPT pancakes. This restaurant solely offers waffles and toasts, no pancakes. It was your typical chain, similar to IHOP but with waffles. Nothing too exciting to rave about but if you haven’t tried it, at least try it once. I liked their hash browns the most.

It’s a 6-7 hour drive between Colorado to Santa Fe/Albuquerque, New Mexico. The scenary at first is quite similar to the plains between Minneapolis and Colorado. However, it was getting hotter, and we started to see more dessert shrubs. As we reached Santa Fe, we saw that most of the houses were adobe homes, made out of sand, clay and water. This gives it a really unique look to the landscape/architecture of the neighborhoods. The roads were not always paved, which gave it a more “Mexico” feel to it – especially since some roads felt more like alley ways or off-roading – which explains why most people owned SUVs or trucks.

Santa Fe is also one of the top artist locations in the country, second to New York City. We went to Canyon Road, which is a street lined with houses of artists. Most of the galleries were closed by the time we got there, but the outside of the galleries had displays of art that we took some photos of.

After a quick sightseeing tour through Santa Fe, we took off for Albuquerque, located just an hour from Santa Fe. We checked into our hotel and went for dinner at Frontier Restaurant. This New Mexican restaurant was featured on Man vs. Food and Urbanspoon rates it as one of the top restaurants in Albuquerque. I read that the huevos rancheros (two eggs, beans & sauce on corn tortillas served with flour tortilla) and anything with the green chili stew was the best! This restaurant is self-serve – you walk up to order your food, then your number is called when the kitchen has made it. The wait is quite short, and the restaurant is big enough to find a seat. It’s open from 5am to 1am everyday.

My bf ordered the huevos rancheros with the christmas sauce (red and green chili sauce), while I ordered the 1/2 enchilidas (1 enchilida with beef, rice, lettuce/tomato) with the green chili stew. My enchilidas order was amazing!! Really well seasoned, not overly spicey for the green chili stew, and just the right portion for me. I would have over-ate if I had gotten the full order. The price was quite cheap too! It came to only $13 for the two of us. We may have to come back for breakfast!

After dinner, we took a quick drive down the street from Frontier Restaurant, in the Nob Hill district, which is an university-district with tons of bars, restaurants and boutiques. Time to call it a night now! Tomorrow we venture out to downtown Albuquerque before we head to Scottsdale, Arizona! Stay tuned!


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