Day 19: Anaheim #28days

Day 19 was Anaheim aka Disneyland! It was an early morning start for us as the park opens at 8am and we wanted to eat breakfast at the hotel before going.

When we arrived, we bought our tickets and went in with minimal lineups. It was a bit cloudy in the morning and school started for some people in the states already, so lineups were quite minimal.

We started the day with some rides – Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain,  etc. No lineups!  We didn’t have to get and use a fastpass until we got to Tomorrowland in the afternoon and had to get one for Star Tours, the Star Wars ride.

We skipped Its A Small World and some of the kids rides but made sure we rode the teacups and Dumbo!

Highlights of our Disneyland experience: Big Thunder Mountain coaster, Space Mountain and the crazy spinning of the teacups! The dinner we had at one of the restaurants onsite was surprisingly better than we expected. We had a fried chicken dinner at the Celebration restaurant near the parade route and Main Street. $13 for a 3 piece chicken dinner that comes with green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuit and gravy! The quality was quite good and the chicken pieces were quite big. We had enough for the two of us considering we had dessert before dinner with the Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches! Delicious!

In between dinner and the fireworks, we watched the parade and then ventured out to Downtown Disney to window shop and check out the stores and restaurants. We then rushed back to Disneyland by 9pm to catch the Fantasmic show and the fireworks to end our night.

If Disneyland happiness was measured by how sore your feet are from walking, then I was super happy! I’ve now visited 4 of the 5 Disney theme parks. I’m now one away (Euro Disney) from completing another bucket list item! Can someone please sponsor my next trip to Euro Disney? LOL


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