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Lakefield’s Swan Songs

Lakefield’s Swan Songs

When I first started this blog, I covered a performance by local indie band, Lakefield¬†and their album Sounds from the Treeline. They are back with a new album, Swan Songs, to be released on Valentine’s Day, 02/14/14. I had the opportunity to listen to an advance copy of the new CD, their final album, recorded … Continue reading

Clubbing the Coco Bongo way in Cancun!

Cancun comes to mind as one of the top party destinations in the world. People come from all over the world to Cancun to enjoy the vivid and wild nightlife. Similar to Las Vegas, nightclubs line the hotel zone, clustered specifically around the Plaza Forums: Senor Frogs, The City, Sweet, Roo, and more clubs and … Continue reading

A Disco Tiger at The Railway Club

Last night I headed down to The Railway Club for the monthly Puddlecity Arts collective music gig. Please see my last review for more details on the overall event that happens each month at The Railway Club. This month’s performers played on the main sound stage, which I must say made the talent and the … Continue reading